• FAQ’s

  • What do I need to get started?

    At our initial meeting we would go over possible floor plans and target numbers.  Then we would move forward with getting an estimated cost to build. At that time you would provide us with a Bank preapproval letter. Once tentative lot and general floor plan is decided, we would move forward with finalizing prints and the price of your home. You would then provide us with a deposit.

    Do we have to get a construction loan

    No. We will carry all the costs and you would purchase the house from us at the end of the build. Just like a normal home purchase.

    Do we have to purchase the lot?

    No, McCoy Homes will purchase the lot

    How do I know how much my new home will cost?

    After the final prints of your home are complete, we will provide you with a complete specification sheet and a final price at that time.

    Do I have a warranty?

    Yes, a standard one year builder's warranty along with manufacture warranties

    How does my warranty work?

    At the end of one year, you would contact us and we would do a complete walk through of your home. This allows your home to go through each weather season and stabilization. Any emergencies will be handled immediately.

    How long does it take for my house to be built?

    It takes 4-6 months on average depending on weather and changes orders.

    Where do you build at?

    Anywhere in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas.

    When making my selections for my house, how do I know what I can spend?

    You will be provided a specification sheet and allowances for your selections.

    What if I go over my budget or under my budget?

    A change order form will be signed by all parties reflecting a credit if you go under your budget. A change order form will be signed by all parties reflecting additional charge if you go over your budget.

    How do I know when to have my selection made by?

    We have a building outline which states when all selections need to be made by and we will also be assisting you and guiding you along in this process.

    Do I need to choose everything before I start?

    No. We have a building outline which we will assist you in.

    Does someone help me with making all my selections?

    My Design coordinator and I will be assisting you.

    What type of furnace and A/C do we get in our home and what are the warranties and energy efficiencies?

    Our standard unit is Amana furnace and A/C. The furnace is 96.1% energy efficient and  the A/C is 16 SEER. The warranty on the furnace is 10 years on parts and lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger for the 1st owner.

    What steps do you take to ensure energy efficiency?

    We seal all penetrations with foam or caulk and have a 3rd party HERS rater inspect before drywall. Go to www.hersindex.com

    Do you seal your duct work?

    Yes, we seal all duct work with tape and sealant to ensure air is going to the correct room.

    Do you install a radon system?

    Yes a full active radon mitigation system is installed.

    Do your homes meet state energy codes?

    Yes, HERS rating completed by third party. Here is a link www.hersindex.com

    How long have you been in business?

    16 Years

    How many houses do you build a year?


    Are you on sight daily?


    What is your building price range?

    We are focused on $250K to $400K